Welcome to my blog. I am glad that you decided to or accidentally stumbled across my blog. This is a semi-constructed, semi-critical thought out blog. Mostly, this blog is just made up of my everyday experiences specifically pertaining to the fact that I am a queer woman of color living in America. These are my jumbled thoughts and own lived experiences of what that exactly means, being a queer black female in 21st century America.


I decided for this blog there needed to be a little disclaimer. I, in no way, have to write this disclaimer or am I obligated to have to explain myself. *Sigh*, however I am going to because I think it makes it easier for me when dealing with either ignorant people or people who get easily offended when marginalized groups voice their struggles. I have learned from posting “rants” via Facebook, that mentioning my struggles or the communities as a whole, when it pertains to queerness, blackness, or womanliness tends to offend the feeble-minded.

What I mean by this is that people get sensitive if they feel like you’re excluding, accusing, or blaming them for your particular struggles.

Exclusion: For example, if I say that women with dark skin are beautiful. There’s always that one (or few) person(s) who has to say well, [insert other race here] are beautiful too. I pose a question: What in the statement that I made is excluding [insert race here] or claiming that dark skin women are the most beautiful?  There is none. I am simply stating my belief, that dark skin women are beautiful despite the fact that we are taught to hate ourselves.

Accusations and Blame: I think accusations and blame go hand in hand, because when someone feels accused of a certain problem in our society, they also feel as if you are blaming them for that problem. We live in a society controlled by social media. We have movements going on that are being preceded by a hashtag(#).

For example, #blacklivesmatter, #whyIneedfeminism, or #endrapeculture, these movements try to examine a patriarchal society that so long has thrived on white supremacy, on a wider scale. The analysis of our society on a macro level. Somehow, people get personally offended and must insert themselves while diminishing the struggles of a marginalized community. Such as, exclaiming that #alllivesmatter or #notallmen. Obviously… I am aware not all men and I do believe that all lives matter. However, for these particular movements that is not the point, as well for my blog. If you can not understand the basic concepts of what I am trying to convey, then this is not the blog for you.



This is my blog. I am talking about the struggles of my everyday life and how my societal interactions pertains to me and characteristics about me. If you can relate that is great. If you cannot I hope that you will maybe learn to understand or even empathize with me.

If not this blog isn’t for you.  I hope you enjoy.